Making Siri reminders appear in GQueues - or other task management tools - with IFTTT

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
I would imagine that, like me, you probably have about 100,000,000 things to do on any given day.  Organization in this type of environment is key to your success.  To help me remain organized, I have chosen to use GQueues, which I can not recommend strongly enough.  (If you are going to sign-up, please use the link because I will get a referral credit - same price to you and a bonus to me - win/win)

Now, if you are a road warrior like I am, you will also find yourself traveling in a car, plane, or train and you want to make a quick reminder.  Then you say to yourself, I have this really cool assistant Siri on my phone, maybe she can help.  You can even say things like "Remind me to sign up for GQueues" and a reminder is created.

Then you realize that you now have 2 task management systems......which is BAD.  So you look for a way to integrate both systems.

Here comes IFTTT to the rescue.  You can install the IF by IFTTT application on your phone (both iOS and Android) and here comes the magic.

To make this work, you need to know what E-Mail address you can send tasks to.  On GQueues, you can find this on your Settings page, General tab and it will look something like

On the IFTTT side, you need 2 channels connected.  They are:
1) iOS reminders
2) GMail (or any other E-Mail sending action)

Your recipe will look like this:

The Trigger is "Any new reminder".

The action is "Send an E-Mail to <your special E-Mail address>"

Make the Subject of the Message equal to {{Title}} (keep the curly braces) and this will set the subject line to the Title of the reminder Siri created for you.

You can now experiment with different fields and formats for the subject and body to make it work well with your task management tool.  Please note:  IFTTT does not remove the actual reminder from the iOS reminder application, so you may want to clean up periodically.

Now, when you are driving down I-95 you can simply say to Siri "Remind me to post a blog article about how I made Siri smarter" and that exact task will end up in GQueues.