Does your IT shop operate like a monopoly? Maybe it is time to be more innovative with IT4IT

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Have you ever tried to work with an internally run and managed IT organization in a large firm?  If you have, you might get the feeling that you are trying to deal with a major utility who has a monopoly.  What do I mean by this statement?

As a homeowner, I would like to lower my power bill.  Unfortunately, I imagine that if I call my power company and ask to negotiate better pricing, I probably would not get very far.  Then I could try to ask for better service, priority power outage restoration, etc......  Again, I do not think I would get very far.  This is because the power company is a regulated monopoly.  They have no incentive to deal with me as a direct customer.  I also do not have the option of selecting a different power company (yes, I know, for delivery only.....I can choose my energy supplier within limits now)

Are internally run IT organizations much different from a regulated monopoly?  They do (generally) set their own charge back rates......they may or may not negotiate better levels of service......and you usually are not allowed to go out to the open market and pick another provider.

But wait - isn't cloud changing all of that?  The answer to that simple question is a resounding YES.  There are now competitors that internal IT organizations are competing against for the business.  Can a regulated monopoly compete (in most cases) with an innovative capitalistic company?  The answer to this question is (typically) a resounding NO.

This is where IT4IT comes into play.  IT4IT by The Open Group describes a community developed operating model which enables existing IT organizations to transform into the type of service provider that users of IT demand.

Keep watching this space for new developments and discussions around IT4IT.  The Open Group has quarterly meetings, so expect new announcements at least 4 times a year......but probably more often.