Tuesday, February 17, 2015

zSystems: z/OS 101 - a vocabulary lesson

Learn to speak like a zSystems expert!

In a continuation of my writing for the IBM Systems Magazine online edition, my second article was published in February 2015.  The topic of this is really to introduce people to the vocabulary that is used on zSystems to enable effective communication.

The article really is composed like flash cards with vocabulary terms.  Each card contains a zSystems specific word, a definition, and an analogy to the closest Linux or Windows term available.  I hope that this format is the easiest to use for everyone.

The terms are actually broken down into 8 groups - the first 4 groups will be posted in February and the second 4 groups will be posted in March.

The story behind this idea is a long one.  This list of terms actually started in 2002 when Sarah McAndrew (a colleague of mine) and I put together this presentation to introduce some z terminology to a customer of ours in Boston.  The list has grown and evolved slightly since that time - but the majority of the terms are still the same.

I hope you enjoy this introduction to zSystems vocabulary and that you find it helpful.  You can read this article online at or view a cached copy at by clicking here.